What is going on here? (A change of focus.)

A change of focus
A few months back, I started a blog at everythingisnotasitseems.com – I was observing what was happening in our country’s election, and I was becoming more awakened to how controlled our media is – and I ramped up my exploration of alternate media. The idea was to occasionally publish articles dealing with deceptions that our mainstream media puts fourth as truth, as well as the related facts that disprove what is being said.
I started a few articles, posted a couple of them, and then my research side-tracked me and took me down a different path – a path I’ve been wrestling with for about the last 3-4 months. It’s pretty big stuff, so it’s taken me a while to process it all, but I can’t get myself away from it, so I will share.
The title is still appropriate – everything is not as it seems – there’s some big thingsthings that appear to be coming on the horizon, and many will consider it random, and coincidental. However when you peel back the onion and take a look, there’s much more going on, and it speaks to a very ordered world we live in.
I will post a few articles every quickly, in an effort to bring the reader up to the point where I am on this journey, then I will post (hopefully) a few times a week new articles as I learn and discover more information and resources.
Thank you.