Alternate Media Outlets

Media is often the source of the problem – you see, our media has morphed into a huge, multi-billion-dollar industry, led by enormously huge companies. In many cases, these companies portray themselves as “serving you” with deep investigative journalism – when in fact they using their tremendous voice to “manage” information in such as way that it supports their best interest (not you and I, the public.) Unfortunately, I’m finding that their best interests are very far from that of the freedom and liberties that our country was founded upon.

Just as in music, the internet has “flattened” the news industry, making it much easier to vet out information and fact-check.

At this point, if you believe that the mainstream news outlets (CNN, NBC, ABC, etc) are the source of all truth, I would recommend that you not read any farther, and instead close your browser tab – as a trip through alternate media sites will really rock your world.

Below are several sites that I frequent. Glance at them briefly every day, grab the facts that are being presented, and form your own opinion. Remember, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” And one of the best ways to check facts is to check multiple sources and compare.

Oh, and one other comment: I strongly recommend not letting emotion cloud your judgement – it’s very easy to become emotional when ideas are being presented that differ from what may have been your own personal common knowledge for a long time. (online, video)

InfoWars has the honor of being one of the most viewed medial outlets, alternate or mainstream, ever – and its outlets range from online, live stream, and terrestrial radio. Alex Jones is a real patriot, loves our country, and has been exposing misleading mainstream media for years. He’s very passionate – as you begin to watch, don’t let that turn you off – he’s a good guy… (online, written)

Brietbart is one of the leading alternate news agencies – focusing on print media served via the web. I usually glance at their headlines daily. (online aggregator)

Drudge Report is probably one of the main news web pages in the world. Drudge is an “aggregator” – meaning the site does not normally create news content,  it “links” to other existing news. It’s a way to do a daily 5-minute glance of headlines and news content, without the filter of the mainstream.

There are many many more that can be considered “alternate” media – there are radio talk shows across the country, and lots of independent folks who podcast or use YouTube. I encourage you to find a favorite or two.