Interesting Week Ahead…

Hello Friends!

Today I’d like to share a few articles that would be very worth your while to read. I’ll introduce each topically below.

Well, the Prophecy Community is abuzz with thoughts towards this coming week… And of course we also hear the same rhetoric from the scoffers over and over about not knowing the day or the hour of Christ’s return (which refers to His second coming, NOT to the return to the clouds to receive the church at the rapture. All we can do is pray for anyone that has used this mis-information to ignore Jesus’ command to watch for Him, and to know that those of us “of the light” will not be surprised (1 Thessalonians 5:4)  It’s amazing how effective Satan has been against the church, and has been able to put most of us to sleep, and thus preventing more and more from experiencing Jesus’ saving grace.

If you would like to read deeper into this whole “not knowing the day or hour” debate, please review this article from 

In any case, back to this coming week (and the past week for that matter) – for prophecy watchers, there’s a lot to consider. Just watch the news, and consider the highlights – North Korea, Las Vegas, Antifa, and so on. The “Birth Pains” continue – as the bible said they would. And as in childbirth, the birth pains increase in intensity until the actual birth happens.

Here’s a great article from last week, that talks about many of the current events and how they may align with end times.

So just when is Jesus coming for His bride? In truth, that’s really up to Him – but we certainly can watch, and take our best shot at reading the signs in the world that are spoken of in the bible. Nowhere can I find in the bible where it is bad for us to biblically attempt prediction – to me, that just follows along with Jesus words commanding us to watch and wait for Him.

Much of the Prophecy Community has focused on a Jewish “Holy Convocation” day called “Shemini Atzeret” – or sometimes called “The 8th Day” – it’s a day that follows the Feast of Tabernacles, that the Jewish community celebrates ever year. There are many prophetic signs that align with this particular day, and so it constitutes for us a “High Watch” period where Jesus may come for His bride.

Here’s an excellent document about this coming day, and why many of us are watching it carefully.

We all know that the Revelation 12 sign did occur on 9/23/2017 – but have put fourth that perhaps the sign was not just a one-day thing. By looking at the Mazzaroth as Israel would do, we see that the “players” (planets and stars) that were a part of the Revelation 12 sign are continuing to present a message as they move through the night sky. Here’s a good video that speaks to how the Revelation 12 sign is ongoing, continuing onward.

I hope everyone has a blessed week.

My prayer for this week is that those who are asleep to Christ coming for His bride would awake – both believers and non-believers. We’re approaching a go/no-go point here in the very near future. We are fast approaching the end of the “Church Age” – that is the point where simply accepting that Christ died for our sins insures you eternal life. Once Christ takes the Church (people, not buildings) away, coming to Christ may require willful loss of life.

Please consider your salvation!

With love,