Time To Decide Your Future

I suspect that you have likely been offered the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ before in your life, and for some reason you may have chosen not to accept it.

Maybe it’s because you saw so much corruption on “Religion” on this earth, that you wanted nothing to do with it (in truth, neither did Jesus…)

Maybe it’s because you see yourself as a “Good Person” and that you will be “OK” when your life ends.

Or maybe it was just too hard to see yourself as a sinner – someone who regularly falls short of the Glory of God – after all, you’ve done well when measured against the world,  and measured against that gauge, you find yourself scoring well.

Friends, the “last call” to accept the saving grace of Jesus Christ is here – your choice at this point will, literally, determine your eternity. The world is not going to end, but listen carefully, we are very close to the end of the world as we know it. 

Oh, I know… the things of Jesus are hard for you to believe. Your worldview of the achievements of man attempts to explain away the existence of God – however that process has become circular in nature, and ultimately points right back to a divine creation – that we are not a cosmic accident, but were created by one who loves us. That’s right, science continually proves the existence of God – from our ordered universe, to the inerrant accuracy of the Bible we have been given.

I choose to believe in God, and in the Bible. It wasn’t always that way in my life – I had answers for everything for the first 18 years. Then I accepted Christ, and spent the next 30 years being slowly, painfully transformed. To this day, I can not imagine what my life would be like without the involvement of, and service to, my creator.

I truly believe what the bible says. And the bible is clear that the time we live in (the “Age of Grace” or “The Church Age”) has a definite end, and that the end (of that TIME period) is (very) near. We still, for a short time, live in an age where we can simply accept a few basic (but critical) things about God, and He in turn makes incredible, eternal promises to us. But there’s not much time left for that – the age we live in is coming to a close rapidly. Do yourself a huge favor and don’t believe what your neighbor and co-workers believe – investigate for yourself. But do it quickly.

The same bible that guides all believers today, aligns with, and is validated by, world history and actual events. The bible  also tells us that the end of this age is very near. The bible describes this  using tangible, measurable signs that everyone can be aware of. The world is not going to end for about 1000 years, but the Age of Grace is, and with it the opportunity for eternal life also ends, never to be opened again.

So you have a choice – and like so many choices, it has a “default” choice – this is the choice that you passively make by not being intentional about choosing. You can continue on believing you are a “good person”, and when the church age closes, you will sadly find that you have chosen an eternal world with pain, agony, and fire – and you will NOT have an opportunity to make a new choice.

The other option is that you can speak out loud that you really do believe that Jesus submitted himself to death via hanging on a cross, was buried, and rose again three days later, submitting his own life (and blood) as a once-and-for-all redemption for our life of sin that falls short of God’s glory. By simply believing, God promises us many things, including writing our name in the Book of Life, guaranteeing a life eternal, in a much more comfortable place than the first option affords.

But your decision is becoming urgent. There are many signs and prophesies in the bible that  have come to pass right now, and right in front of us – and these  are markers that the end is coming.

We have known, based on some indicators in the bible, that those living on earth at this time will be around to see the end of the age. The year 2017 also aligns with many forecasts that the bible calls prophesies (and they have an incredible track record of correctness.) A major sign verifiably occurred in the stars (spoken of in Revelation chapter 12) that makes one of the largest and most significant “signs” ever offered from the bible. That was preceded by the Great American Eclipse, which was another biblical sign.

To my Christian friends:  if you still think “Ye shall not know the day or the hour” (of Christ’s return for His bride) please spend some time studying the topic, instead of just accepting institutional church doctrine taught to you over the years. The bible does not change – but using current events God reveals things to us that we could not see before. Siding with church doctrine may allow you at this time to miss what God is putting in front of us (remember – the Jews hung their messiah on a tree…)

I believe the bible, and I believe that it says the rest happens very very quickly. You may only have a simple few days left to modify your choice – where to spend eternity.

Won’t you please consider making a very easy and eternal decision, and confess Jesus right now while you still have some time? If you speak it in truth, and it comes from your heart, you will be saved – and what awaits you in short order is absolutely breathtaking. The default is not worth it. Truly.

With Love,


p.s. send me a note if you professed Jesus as your savior!