What Are YOU Doing With This Information??

(Short Video Below)

It’s my hope that you fall into one of the two camps below:

Camp A: You also feel we’re in the times of the end, and you’ve decided to become a “watchman? yourself –

Camp B: You are unsure, but you have decided to study it for yourself and see where that leads.

Either way, I’m thrilled, and this blog has served it’s purpose! If you set out to challenge or disprove this which I have purported, either way, it’s a win – either you find evidence to the contrary, or you make a discovery that changes even my opinion – either way we win!

There is a third group that you could fall into – and I pray that this does not describe you. That group is the one that has dismissed this wholesale, without taking a look deeper into the scriptures – instead falling back on things you’ve heard in church like “you shall not know the day or the hour…” I’d like to convince you to be a watchman,, but I don’t really have the ability to do that. All I can do is make you aware of some things that I’ve discovered.

Much of the prophecy around the end times has been “sealed up” – or (masterfully ) written  in such a way that it only makes sense now that we are in the end times. It’s brilliant – it’s caused 2,000 years of people to watch for their savior’s return. If the time of Jesus’ return was given as a date 2017 2,000 years ago, no one would have anticipated His return until that time. Instead, two millennia of believers have sought after their savior in hopes of His soon return. It still blows my mind that this generation, OUR generation, was chosen to be the generation that “never sleeps.” But unfortunately, many of our church leaders are functioning on the interpretation of many end times prophecies that are interpretations ascertained from the “sealed up” era – and it has become their doctrine, and their dogma. No, the bible has not changed – but the world around it has – and much of the prophecy that was considered allegory has “shown up” as much more “real” than our forefathers could have ever imagined.

So I pray that you are either with me (we are in the end times) or you are researching and digging in ( as I have done ) to find your answers. I sincerely pray that you are not being passive about this. What’s the consequences? Well, if you knew that the world as we know it ended tomorrow, are there any friends, families, co-workers and acquaintances that you are not 100% sure will be with you after that time? To me, that’s reason enough to dive in and learn all you can about the end times, and help save people at all costs.


Are you are still looking for more confirmation – take a look at Pastor Mark Biltz’ short video below – talk about layer upon layer!