Being Prepared…

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If we are in the period of time that the bible refers to as the “times of the end” then it’s about to get real ugly. Only God knows, but it sure seems like maybe He’s trying to tell us something – at least that’s what I’m getting out of all of this. If I (and a LOT of other Christians) are wrong, then all we’ve done is perhaps waste some time writing, and with any luck we will have a few more friends and family joining the Christian fold. However the more I read the more I see Him trying to warn us of what’s to come.

The bible refers to a specific part of the “end times” as “The Tribulation” (as well as several other names.) It is a 7 year period that appears to be made up of a lot of strife, destruction, and and wrath on the world from God for the treatment of His people.

Trust me – you do NOT want to be around for this, should it come to pass – it doesn’t end well for most people, according to the bible.

– Except for the Bride of Christ. Who is that, you may ask? It can be you, if you choose it – here’s the story…

The Bible says that all people sin and fall short of the Glory of God. In the days of the Old Testament (time of the Jews) – you “squared up” with God for your sins by sacrificing an animal at the altar. A little over 2000 years ago, God sentenced His only Son, Jesus – the only sinless person to have ever walked the earth – to die on a Roman Cross in place of all of our sins, past, present, future – he was the ultimate sacrifice – for us. I do not know why God chose blood as the means to “atone”- but that’s the way it is.

All we have to do is accept (and profess) that we are sinners in need of saving, and that Jesus did in fact die on the cross, was buried, and rose up from the grave three days later, immortal. Jesus calls it being saved from our sins.

So here’s the deal – If we do that, then life on this earth becomes just a blip in time, as we are promised eternal life (that’s a long time!) with a body that does not age.

And the cool part is, Jesus comes and takes us (believers) away before the 7 year tribulation really gets cranking. That could actually be very soon, indeed.

Accepting Christ comes with a whole host of really cool benefits, in addition to just avoiding the tribulation – check some of them out here and here. It is one of the easiest decisions you can make, with the most benefits ever – and in addition to the love of Jesus, you will enjoy a feast in Heaven instead of the tribulation on earth. While the earth is tribulating (is that a word?) believers are enjoying the “Wedding Supper of the Lamb” in the presence of Jesus.

If you have chosen to accept the Gospel (good news) of Jesus, would you mind letting me know? I’d love to pray for you – Contact me here.

So you might ask, what do I do now that I have accepted Jesus as my savior? Below is a great resource that answers that very question.

Won’t you join me?

p.s. there are many viewpoints about how much of the tribulation believers will miss, ranging from all to none. I feel that the most biblically sound is the “Pre-Tribulation” viewpoint that says that Christ takes us away before the mess begins. In addition to lots of sound doctrine, it just makes sense that if we are Christ’s bride, in other words, we chose Him freely, we would not be made to go through the yucky stuff that non-believers have to go through

Here’s a great and very biblically sound short message from Pastor Robert Breaker describing how to be saved. You can do this RIGHT NOW, there’s no need to be in a church – the transformation takes place in your heart.

TO MY CHRISTIAN FRIENDS: Please watch the video, and make doubly sure that you are truly saved. Many have complicated the Gospel, confusing it in the process. It’s a very simple process but “inviting Jesus into your heart” alone is only part of the story. Salvation is very simple, and more importantly does not require you to “do” anything, other than BELIEVE, and desire relationship with Jesus (just ask, He will come.) It is not in any way “WORKS” based (dependent on you being a good person who does good things) – good works does not a Christian make… Read  1 Corinthians 15:3-4.