It Keeps Getting Deeper…

If any of you have wondered what I might be doing as we march closer to the date of the Revelation 12 sign – I’ve been doing a lot of investigation. I’ve been studying and reading and evaluating end times prophecy, and what man has to say about it. I’ve read both sides of the arguments, and many of the details on tribulation (PreTrib, Pre-wrath, Post.)

I’ve tried to read as many views on the subject as I can, and in that process it seems to actually bolster my beliefs rather than tear it down. Sadly, many of the debunkers seem to not dive in very deeply, instead trying to twist their doctrine to fit the outcome they desire. – and in the end, they end up helping to prove the Revelation 12 sign. I’ve even consumed several resources that have dismissed the sign because it was not discovered or shared from an educated “pastor.”

What has grabbed my attention since the beginning of this has been the amount of parallels – and “cross checks” (if you will) that seem to continue to validate the sign (and other end times prophecy.) It seems that God is providing multiple levels of verification to let us know in no uncertain terms that the end is near. I then prayed and asked for resources that help to validate the end times events, separately from the Revelation 12 sign. God delivered, and I came upon Daniel Matson’s web site – and specifically his book “Israel – The Handwriting on the World.” This book gave me much insight into end times prophecy, and made much of my current beliefs less dependent on the Revelation 12 Sign.

At this current time, I can’t seem to hold any other views than:

  1. Our world is a HIGHLY ordered, divinely appointed affair (more than I EVER thought possible.)
  2. The Revelation 12 sign is a match.

Here’s some resources that I found that took my understanding to a whole
‘nuther level – hopefully they will help you on your journey:

What’s interesting is that you are not seeing much come from the organized evangelical Christian churches – something I noticed early on in my research – which seems fitting to the contrarian way God operates. Jesus the King came as a servant and the Sanhedrin would not accept him. In a similar way, most of the current organized church can’t bring themselves to accept any of this – and as a result will miss bringing a big chunk of the world with them to eternity.

I still believe something big is going to happen on or around Sept 23rd. “What” may happen is open for debate, but I will say that it’s going to be of biblical proportions. As hard as I try to believe the opposite, God cements my current belief that much more.

What if nothing happens? I will have learned TONS more about bible prophecy as well as God’s love for his people. With any hope, i will have touched others in my circle (via avenue’s like this) to help them to verify that they are “ready.” Truly, if October comes and all is still as it was, I’ll be very curious, and will have a lot of new learning to do – as much of what I believe about God will have to be altered.