Did I lose anyone?


Well, there’s no way to really know how many of you I lost with the last post. I’m hoping folks are hanging around – what we need in the world is more people to investigate the wild and wooly, instead of falling back to “normal” and dismissing anything outside the norms.

So – what do I think is happening on Sept 23, 2017? No one knows for sure. My pathway on this journey involved discovering the Revelation 12 sign, and then diving into an ongoing keyword search. My prayer to God involved me simply asking God to show me parallel confirmations. In other words, if this really is the end of the “Church Age” (Age of Grace,) then my thought was that God would have left lots of sign posts to indicate this.

And sure enough, that’s what He gave me. I have read several documents by scholars, including one that places a “rapture” in late 2017, that was written before the discovery of the Revelation 12 Sign.

Take a look at watchfortheday.org – and check out “Israel – Handwriting on the World” – it was a fantastic read for me.

Bottom line for me, from this point forward I’m going to do my best to be a “watchman” (in the biblical sense) watching for Christ’s return. He pretty clearly said (contrary to popular church doctrine) that as a believer, we will NOT be surprised. We may not be able to know the hour, but the seasons seem to be marked by God’s timepiece, which are the stars and planets in heaven (Genesis 1:14). I don’t see any real downside to being prepared. When I think about this season, I’m honored to think that God chose us to be part of the last generation before the millennium reign of Christ – we may be the generation that will “never sleep” ( never die.) I’m always ready to discover new news that completely debunks this – in fact, I’ve tried to look for solid evidence that supports this, and the deeper I look the more God seems to point me to September.

Below are a couple of random pieces of info that I meant to put up before sharing the “beef” but I felt it better to just get it out there. I’ll continue to post more topics around this, thanks for watching with me.



Since I’ve previously stated my belief in the God of Heaven, there’s a little bit more I need to share with you, again, just so that you can have context.  I take what God has written through man as His true word – and that word has a lot of “prophecy” in it. A prophecy is something that was predicted somewhere in the bible, and has or will come to pass at some time – and the bible contains about 2500 of them –  and a whole bunch of them (around 2000 I believe) have come to pass with verifiable history. Given that this book was written in the past, this seems to define, at least to me, a very high level of credibility for what the bible says about the future.
A lot of what I will bring up here are prophesies – either past that have come to pass, or new ones (future) that may come to pass based on other bible consistencies. So please take a look at this from the perspective of what the Bible says – not what man says the bible says – we’re taking a “first hand” approach to this. You can always form an opinion after that, but for now, please give yourself some space to “play” with some new ideas.
If I have not already lost you with the whole God thing, please hang in there with me… In the next few articles I will share with you the first discovery that came my way. It was compelling enough for me to spend several months looking into it. In fact, the more I looked into the subject, the more things that I began to see that independent of each other, indicated a sign of the times.
NOTE: I am NOT a bible scholar – but I do trust the bible. My goal here is to simply point these things out to you the reader, and encourage you to research on your own. My writing is simply to orient you, and encourage you to do your own research. I will provide links to the resources that I’ve found helpful. I also do not consider myself a prophet (one who delivers prophecy) – I’m merely sharing what I’ve found others say, that seems to add up
To my Christian Friends:

If God is not foreign to you, then you are mostly fine with what I’ve shared so far. However if you’ve been part of the established church for any amount if time, you’ve been exposed to church “doctrine.” The Church seems to have organized itself around it’s different doctrines… Doctrine can be (over) simplified to refer to beliefs based on how certain groups have chosen to interpret components of the bible. Baptists believe X, Lutherans believe Y, etc – think of it as a “Christian ‘normal.'” In evaluating this new information, you would be wise to temporarily remove the glasses of doctrine through which you currently see things in God’s world – think about these things according to what the Bible says, not what man says about the bible. There are some things that we will go through that, until recently, made little sense – and left biblical scholars to form doctrine around abstract interpretation. While the bible never changes, the events and environment around the bible do change, and some of the text seems to have been written for our time, and is literally unfolding in front of us,. In fact, the bible speaks of some information being “sealed up” until some certain time in the future – and it seems that much of it was meant for our time.

So this requires a fresh look – some things that seemed abstract 200 years ago are turning into concrete fact in front of us – but if you cling to your historical doctrine, these doctrines will cause you to dismiss what is happening. My prayer is that you see what the Bible is saying to us now, and you may be quite amazed!

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