Letter #1 – Challenging Normal

I really did not want to be “that guy” – you know, the guy with the theories from far out in left field?

While considering how to share this perspective, I struggled with a very real concern. If I share this information within my circle of influence, it will immediately change the relationship in a polarizing way – there will be some that will subscribe to the view that I am sharing, and there will be some that dismiss it, and a subset of those will even remark to themselves that I have fallen off the deep end. So it is only after much consideration that I am preparing this blog, as it will not be without consequence for me.

Throughout history, revolutionary things (ideas, products, etc) have been met with huge opposition. I’ve heard it said that cars were suspect when first introduced – many presumed that bad things would happen to the human body at “high” speed (speeds that we regularly exceed today.) Jet air travel was thought to be extremely dangerous by many, and something to avoid in order to live long – and now we travel via that means frequently (some even work entirely in that environment.) We don’t tend to question things that have been with us for a long time – things that are “normal.”

I have always had a fond desire to challenge normals – so in that sense it is appropriate for me to write this document. We as humans become very used to “the way things are” or, in other words, we get used to “The Status Quo.” Dictionaries define status quo as “the existing state of affairs” – or in other words, our “normal.” Whatever is normal to us, just is ( and rarely do we think it will change.) To a segment of us, normal is comfort – something we can count on. To others like me, normal can become mundane, and we are always looking to peel back the onion and see if there’s another layer (perspective) that we can have a look from. Neither view is good nor bad – they each have their place in making our world what it is. But we can’t see big change, unless we allow ourselves to believe it is possible.

I don’t have any scientific research to back this up, but I just have a gut feeling that those who favor the status-quo are in greater number in our world.

Ask any person questions like:

Will the sun come up tomorrow?  (most would say YES)
Will it be cold in Chicago in Jan? (most would say YES)
Will the number of hours in a day be reduced to 16? (most would say NO)
Is a crack in the earth going to swallow me? (most would say NO)
Am I going to die as a result of an earthquake? (most would say NO)

Especially with things that have been with us for our whole lives (and longer) like the earth’s rotation, general weather patterns, and geological events, it becomes easy to “go with normal” – we believe that a large, permanent change is very unlikely in our lifetime. Even with relationships, (though death steals occasionally too early) there is an expectation of certainty. We assume that families and friends are not going anywhere very quickly, especially tomorrow. For those of us in some parts of the country, the threat of large-scale earthquakes is very real – but the majority of the days of our lives are earthquake free, so when asked, most don’t think the “big one” is going to get them.

As a whole, we have a hard time believing that our normals will change in any significant way. And if someone does suggest that a new normal is coming,  we resist the notion, especially since we have invested so heavily in building a life around our current normal. In fact, if someone brings a large implication against our normal, you might even have a tendency to label them a conspiracy theorist, and “write them off” as lost to the group that entertains “wild” ideas.

It seems that my job at this point is to raise awareness of some big changes to our normal that may be on the way. Am I certain of this? Few things are actually certain in this world – I’m not a scientist, I’ve just spent some time gathering information – and some of that information is, shall we say, interesting, and compelling.

A lot of what I do in the technology world involves troubleshooting – root cause analysis in order to find what is behind a problem or observed system behavior. Often times, I will start my troubleshooting ruling out failures that would be statistically odd – such as two failures of the same type of component at the same time. Using this method, a vast majority of the time it directs me to the correct “neighborhood” of the issue. With some of the issues, the statistical probability of “coincidence” is extremely rare.

Not that I live my life simply by statistical guesses. For those that don’t know me intimately, you should know that I believe God is the creator of us and our amazing world. The fun part of that these days is that the world is proving the existence of God over and over for us – such that I don’t even use the word coincidence anymore – if you wanted to prove the existence of God, you could do so to a satisfactory level (for me,) simply by looking at the statistical improbability of many of the wonders that we see daily (creation of life, creation of nature, and space, for example.) I share this with you not to try to convince you, I merely share this with you so that you have “context” for what I am writing – and the window through which I see the world.

The information I will be sharing has both roots in biblical prophesy, as well as observable facts. In fact, you might say that’s where the bible meets the real world, when things occur in our world that were spoken about long ago when the books of the bible were penned. And we are not taking about theories or chance here. Knowing this, allows you a choice. You can go with your “normal” which may have been to dismiss anything of God as mystic – or you can consider the views being presented here. All I ask is that you not form an opinion immediately – read what other people have researched and study it for yourself. Go ahead and attempt to prove it wrong (with solid facts) as this will serve you very well. I’m just recommending avoiding wholesale dismissal of the thoughts only because God is involved – you will be blinding yourself to some really interesting happenings – that will happen regardless if you attribute them to God.

I hope I’ve not lost you as of yet. Please take this journey with me, no matter your background  with regard to religion – and allow yourself to see beyond “normal” – and you will discover (as I have) that some things are not really as they may seem, and there’s very little “randomness” to our big picture.

Note: I’m not trying to set dates or make any claims with this information, other than to simply draw attention to what is being said and how it may apply to our world – where I mention any dates, I am merely pointing out that many say that  something may happen on a mentioned date – and it may have a match to a predicted biblical prophecy.

Last, I’m sharing this information for your consideration. In this forum, it’s not up for debate – there are many places on the net where one can debate all of this (and truly, it’s probably already been done.) Because of this, comments are turned off on this blog. But if you want to share information with me, you can always contact me via the contact menu at the top.

I will post the initial information in a few different posts, and then I’ll continue to bring up things in the news that pertain to our topics of interest.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! In the coming days, I’ll share more on the specifics that caused me to dive in and study – and learn more about said subject matter.


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