Preface: What I Have To Share

I spent many months gathering information, and talking to myself about how I wanted to share this weighty information – do I build up gradually with with lots of background info to give it credibility (and so that the information is not as much of a shock,) or do I “drop the bomb” and then hope people hang around to listen and absorb the factual information that surrounds the events?

The struggle is real – too much info “up front” can “blow people away” but incremental revealing of information can also lose people who really want to “get to the meat.”

So I’m going to share a quick overview here. I STRONGLY recommend that you hang around – don’t discount what you hear as far-fetched – the more I study this topic, the more “layers” of confirmation that I find (many have researched this very very deeply to our benefit.)

What is it that I want to say?

After much research, and consulting the works of many (many much better scholars than I), as well as searching my own heart about said events, my desire is to share the following:

How I believe that the world is going to SIGNIFICANTLY change in the next 2-3 months
That this change has been written about for thousands of years
That there’s a way to avoid most of the “bad stuff” that goes along with these changes.

If I’ve not lost you yet, please hang in there with an open mind, and you will likely come to the conclusions that I did based on the same information. I really don’t have any personal “need” to publish this information – in fact, in some cases it may have negative consequences for me. But my desire is to help as many people as I possibly can to avoid a very difficult period of time, that may not end well for those unprepared.

The next few posts will happen in quick succession (hopefully) and then I will continue to follow along with news and updates along the journey.

Thanks for sticking with me! The first real “Meaty” message comes tomorrow.

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