Conspiracy Theories, continued

Roger Stone, in his new book, “The Making of the President 2016” defines conspiracy theories very well:

“Conspiracy Theorist” is what they call you when you refuse to accept the conventional or media-backed narrative of any particular event.


We are a country of intelligent beings – how is it that we so easily buy into this ruse?  I think that one simple component is that seeking out truth takes time and effort, while accepting status quo takes literally zero effort. I believe it was time that kept me from investigating on my own – but my gut still told me something is wrong. I believe much of our country has that gut feeling, and that group is now waking up.

To get Roger Stone’s book, visit this link.

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Conspiracy Theories

A term thrown around a lot lately is “Conspiracy Theory.” This literally refers to corruption inside organizations (like governments) – but it has become more of a way to label people as paranoid, and distrusting of the government.

Well friends, please adjust your connotation of Conspiracy Theory, because they are real, they do exist, and it happens regularly in our government. just released “Vault7” which is a very large set of documents exposing huge corruption in our CIA, including – get this – the ability for the CIA to stage cyber attacks against organizations, and make it look like the attack came from another country. So essentially, it takes the wind out of these accusations against Donald Trump and the whole “ties to the Russians” conversation.

These documents were leaked via unidentified patriots inside the CIA who are uncomfortable with the lack of accountability that exists within powerful “deep state” divisions of our own government. This information will finally cause “cleaning house” to occur within these organizations, as it all comes publicly to light.

Bottom line, if you were thinking that conspiracy theories are simply for paranoid people, it’s time to really rethink your stance.

Info on the release from Wikileaks: